Ameiko Kaijitsu

Owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn


Female Human Bard
Tian Descent


Ameiko Kaijitsu is best known in the town of Sandpoint as the proprietor of The Rusty Dragon, the most popular tavern in town. A member of the town’s small aristocracy, she is the eldest daughter of Lonjiku Kaijitsu and Atsuii Kaijitsu, and half-sister of Tsuto Kaijitsu. When her younger brother’s questionable birth caused his ostracization from the family, Ameiko was the only person who visited him in the Turandarok Academy. Tsuto’s influence on Ameiko was notable, despite his near total absence from her everyday life, and an argument between the two siblings in 4701 during which he struck her prompted her abandonment of Sandpoint for a year of adventuring. Ameiko returned to Sandpoint in 4702 for her mother’s funeral, and partook in another heated argument with her brother over his overstated opinion that their father had pushed Atsuii to her “accidental” death. It was not long after this dispute that Ameiko turned her back on her family and began her career as a tavern owner.

Ameiko is a beautiful but somewhat irreverent woman
of Tian descent who runs Sandpoint’s Rusty Dragon
tavern and happens to be a member of one of Sandpoint’s
founding families. Her parents and older siblings have
met unfortunate ends over the past several years, leaving
the young woman as the sole remaining Kaijitsu in town.
Ameiko may be among the town’s nobility, but she’s never
really cared for the aristocracy—she’s always had an
urge to explore, and loves hearing stories of adventures
and daring deeds. She even spent a year or so as an
adventurer herself, along with her friend Sandru
Vhiski. Her short adventuring career earned her
enough money to buy the Rusty Dragon outright,
and she now serves as its sole proprietor in her
“retirement.” You get the feeling, though,
that abandoning the adventuring life
wasn’t entirely her choice—certainly she
doesn’t talk much about what happened
on her last adventure, or what
happened to the others in her
group. And although she has a lot
of friends and admirers in town,
Ameiko has never accepted anyone
as anything more than a friend;
she dodges personal questions and
diplomatically avoids proposals
of romance, much to the
frustration of several eager
suitors here in Sandpoint.
She’s a talented singer
and samisen player, and
if she wanted to, Ameiko
could certainly lead a
comfortable life here in
Sandpoint. You know
her fairly well, however,
well enough to know that
she is growing increasingly
bored and impatient with
having nothing more
to look forward to than
a “safe life” in a “safe
town.” If the chance to go
on an epic voyage or other
grand adventure ever presents
itself, you’re convinced that
Ameiko would sell the
Rusty Dragon and
set out once more
to seek her fortune
in a heartbeat.

With the help of the PC’s, Ameiko has recently discovered that there may be more to her family’s history and legacy than she knew.

Ameiko Kaijitsu

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