West Pit -" Jade Regent"

The Adventure Thus Far- Fires Over Brinestump

This is just a very quick recap of some of the things that have happened. Please take the time to write a journal entry or two from your character’s perspective.

PC’s started off in the small town of Sandpoint. They heard about recent troubles with the Licktoad Goblins attacking local trade wagons with some newly acquired fireworks. They ventured into the swamp looking for the Licktoad village . The swamp, being very overgrown and hard to travel through they got some info from local fisherman and heard about the “warden of the swamp” that might be able to help guide them.

The PC’s come across the “Warden’s Shack”, a house belonging to a loner halfling named Walthus Proudstump. Walthus seemed reluctant to help and acting a bit strange. The PC’s (being the annoying people that they are) coaxed their way into Walthus’ house after he asked to be left alone. After noticing that the house was a mess, several injuries to Walthus, and a strange shapeshifting face phenomenon, the PC’s are soon realized it was an impostor the whole time. A Faceless stalker was using Walthus’ looks. After vanquishing the Stalker, the PC’s hear the real Walthus calling out for help in a secret room.

For all their help, Walthus provides the PC’s with a map of Brinestump Marsh and shows them the way to Licktoad Village the next day.

When the PC’s arrive in Licktoad Village, it is in shambles. Very few goblins remain in the village and it looks like a battle took place their recently. Soon enough, the PC’s vanquished Chief Rendwattle Gutwad and his few remaining soldiers. The PC’s discover some treasure chests of Tian origins filled with fireworks and other foreign treasures.

The PC’s then tracked whatever attacked the Licktoad Village back to a Cavern beneath the cliffs of the Swamp.

Inside the cavern, the PC’s encounter several undead foes wearing Tian Clothing as well as a Skeletal Champion carrying a strange Tian Sword. Although now undead, his skill with a blade was quick, brutal and merciless.

The PC’s find several Tian Treasures but the most important discovery is a note hidden away inside the Skeletal Champion’s sword hilt. The note was of importance to Ameiko Kaijitsu. She seems perplexed and now has to make a decision.


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